Geocaching chat log from: 2003-09-22

* ClayJar welcomes everyone to the 88th weekly official geocaching chat, including our newest geocacher, the inimitable Henry Albert Boggiano. [Begin Log 88]
<Harrald> Hewre we go
<dboggny> ping?
* Stats2 * dboggny has been pinged !!!! was it good for you too!!
*** dboggny has quit IRC (Quit: geocaching is just a game, dammit!)
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<GarrettMaster1> what about 169
<Harrald> Danny making a grand entrance
<dboggny> i got booted and didnt even know it
<Beast_of_Traal> no for my weekly song lyric
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: that is a default IP that is used when Windows can't give a real one.
* CYBret slaps Scoobie around a bit with a large trout
<Beast_of_Traal> So take me back to Constantinople
<Beast_of_Traal> No, you can't go back to Constantinople
<Beast_of_Traal> Been a long time gone, Constantinople
<Beast_of_Traal> Why did Constantinople get the works?
<Beast_of_Traal> That's nobody's business but the Turks'
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: so that is invalid.
<GarrettMaster1> hmm
<SilentBob> Beast_of_Traal: as great as TMBG are, please no :)
<GarrettMaster1> should i fix my ip address?
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: that would be up to you
<dboggny> thanks cj
<dboggny> dont you know what version i am using by now?
<enfanta> biab
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<GarrettMaster1> what would i change it to?
<Beast_of_Traal> too late
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<mtn-man> hello cachers
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: 169.x is when Windows can't determine it (either because of hardware failure or other reason)
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: so I would think so.
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<Harrald> Hi MM
<Beast_of_Traal> hi millimeters
<mtn-man> im late
<dboggny> hello mnt man
<SilentBob> mtn-man: evening.  I appreciate your comments on MNGCA w/hardware :)
<DonnaG> mm - fashionably late again
<IV_Warrior> hi mtn-man
<Mopar> hey
<mtn-man> thanks silentbob
<TheAlabamaRambler> Howdy Mtn-Man
<Bilder> Shhhh, its a nod
<Bilder> er mod
<ClayJar> Actually, Sil, the 169.whatever-is-is block is "designated link-local" according to ARIN; it's supposed to be used anytime DHCP doesn't work, not just for Windows.  (MS got one right? ;)
<DaRebel> Howdy, m-m!
<Beast_of_Traal> hi aunt
<mtn-man> i appreciate your comments as well!
<SilentBob> ClayJar: I wasn't aware, thanks. 
<GarrettMaster1> does that work?
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: there you go.
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<mtn-man> hey all
<dboggny> hi tp
<Harrald> HI Ttepee
<SilentBob> mtn-man: just protecting what I thought was right.
<Ttepee> Hi all :)
<GarrettMaster1> do i change this via dos or tcp/ip settings?
<mtn-man> he never asked for the cache to be approved
<mtn-man> hey darebel and alabama rambler
<Mopar> hey tina
<BruceS> Hi Ttepee
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<BruceS> Hi CeNedra
<IV_Warrior> hi CeNedra
<Beast_of_Traal> hi cenedra
<mtn-man> i hated that the discussion went as far south as it did silentbob
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<CeNedra> HI all
<Beast_of_Traal> hi enfanta
<CeNedra> i got kicked out
<SilentBob> mtn-man: good.  It's probably better that way.  He just yelled at you for nothing?
<IV_Warrior> enfanta!!
<BruceS> Hi enfanta
<enfanta> Hi all!!
<dboggny> mtn man!
* Scoobie slaps CYBret around a bit with a large trout
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<mtn-man> yeah, pretty much
<Mopar> enfanta and the cantaloupe cacher!
<mtn-man> DANNY!
<SilentBob> mtn-man: that's a riot!
<CeNedra> Mopar!
<Beast_of_Traal> mmmm trout
<enfanta> hi Mope!
<CYBret> Hey, cut it out...I had a friend who got an eye put out that way!
<ClayJar> Scoob:  Fish are not allowed during the official chat.
* SilentBob *hugs* enfanta
<enfanta> his? Or the trouts?
<GarrettMaster1> what should i do for DNS?
<CeNedra> where is salvelinus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<enfanta> ah, thanks Bob!
<enfanta> watch the hands.
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: your ISPs DNS servers
<enfanta> was he supposed to be here, Cen?
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: is your best choice, unless you have other preferred servers.
<CeNedra> salvelinus isn't allowed to chat?
<GarrettMaster1> trust me, i dont, lol
<mtn-man> danny, where are you going to take mopar for his steak dinner?
<GarrettMaster1> where can i find the DNS?
<Bilder> Mmmmm steak
<Mopar> mmmm
<dboggny> mtn man, have we seen locationless caches come back. the new site is up. no locationless. apparently they care not coming back the same way they were. thats an issue
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: ISPs webpage should be a good place to try.
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<Mopar> and fgarlic mashed potatoes
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: or your network config
<dboggny> hello marty
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: start -> run -> cmd -> ipconfig /all will list it.
<Beast_of_Traal> hi fouts
<fouts> hi. mirc decided to kill me
<dboggny> they will be in a seperate sectoin?
<dboggny> along with verts?
<Bilder> Jeremy talked about locationless in a post in the forum
<Beast_of_Traal> mmm garlic mashed potatos
<mtn-man> yes, that has been the plan all along... not sure about the plan for virts yet
<dboggny> will they be included in the find count?
<Harrald> They seem to be #2 on his list of things to do
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<mtn-man> doubt it, but they will be available for posting again
<Beast_of_Traal> hi prospector
<ClayJar> The new locationless will be in their own enhanced section, which is great for locationless cachers, but at the price of find count, perhaps... then again, what's a find count?
<Ttepee> Hey Mopar.. would you be interested in running instructional hikes for a singles group in NJ? no idea where they got my name from
<SilentBob> Broncos are up 14 - 0
<Mopar> hahaha
<GarrettMaster1> alright im going to get something to eat..bob thanks for the help/advice i appreciate it :)
<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: anytime.
<Mopar> looking for a hot single female, i guess
<BruceS> I think virts should be like they are now... a pain in the ass to get approved but leave them as caches... mainly for areas that regular caches can't be
<GarrettMaster1> bye everyone!
<botrytisfree> Personally, we don't care what improvements are being made to the long as improvements are being made to the website
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<SilentBob> GarrettMaster1: later
<Beast_of_Traal> hi andy
*** GarrettMaster1 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<SilentBob> botrytisfree: I agree.
<Ttepee> Mopar...and your point is? ;-)
<Beast_of_Traal> like national parks
<dboggny> i am not pleased with the way is going.
<dboggny> not pleased at all
<Mopar> i dont have time to chat or geocache, i dont think i could lead hikes, though it would be a good way to get a date
<BadAndy> howdy
<IV_Warrior> if she's hot, she's probably not interested in Mopar *grin*
<BruceS> bot yes that is one example
<SilentBob> is he pleased w/anything?
<mtn-man> haha
<Mopar> flirt with the hike leader and we can take the shortcut :)
<Ttepee> they compensate for your time.. don't know what that means either
<BruceS> and certain wilderness areas in national forests etc
<dboggny> tp i sent you a message
<Mopar> mmmmm
<dboggny> did you see it?
<Mopar> i can guess!
<Harrald> Welp, I gota crash
<southdeltan> I slightly disagree botrytisfree - not all changes are improvements - but change is good
<Harrald> Later all
<mtn-man> see ya
<dboggny> bye harrald
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<Mopar> hehehe
<SilentBob> southdeltan: as long as "development" is happening, i am cool w/it
<BruceS> change that is just for the sake of change is not good
<Beast_of_Traal> yeah I've got a big jar full of change
<botrytisfree> I am willing to wait to see what happens, as long as I continue to see things I see as improvements.
<southdeltan> I agree BruceS,  hrm - i probably wasnt clear enuff
<ClayJar> It's hard to steer if you're not moving, but at the same time, don't drive into oncoming traffic. :)
<BadAndy> I sort my change into jars
<GeoChatter> lol - change jars
<southdeltan> the problem, bot - is that not everybody sees the changes as improvements.  There's such a terrible "if you don't like it leave" attitude - do people really want other geocachers to quit?
<ClayJar> Well, in that case, BAndy, how about sorting a few cents this direction.  (Sorry, had to.)
<BadAndy> Geocaching is growing too fast for any single site to satify everyone
<mtn-man> yeah, unfortunately you can never please everyone
<BadAndy> gc chooses a family oriented rules based game...thats cool
<CeNedra> this an opportunity for navicache to blossom
<SilentBob> mtn-man: but I think that a single person dictating seems a bit ridiculous.
<SilentBob> mtn-man: perhaps more people should be involved.  Especially ones that aren't hand picked?
<BruceS> CeNedra but will the they seize the opportunity.....
<dboggny> ladebear. are you there?
<BadAndy> I fully believe in the Like it or leave it philosophy.  keep looking til you find the game you like
<mtn-man> well, as they say, you can start your own site
<TheAlabamaRambler> I am all for keeping to the family-plan, traditional cache game.
<BadAndy> navicache, opencache, and a few others
<LadeBear68> I enjoy this sport so much that I will take the good with the bad
<ClayJar> Sil:  Then again, you can go a lot farther with a benevolent dictator than with a disparate mass.
<CeNedra> i don't know bruce, but its wide open
<SilentBob> jesus
<Mopar> ill stick to the "when you play a game in someones house, you play by the house rules
<SilentBob> 1st and goal for Broncos
<Mopar> is someones house
<botrytisfree> Guess I am behind the times.  What is "Opencache"/
<SilentBob> this is going to be 21-0
<southdeltan> I just don't get that - besides - there is NO other site to go to. has done such a good job, they pretty much have a monopoly
<mtn-man> true mopar
<TheAlabamaRambler> There ya go, Mopar!
<BadAndy> Broncs rock
<enfanta> we need more houses, Mope
<enfanta> why does Jeremy get to set all the rules?
<Mopar> build one, amy
<mtn-man> it is like the locationless issue at navicache... they dont allow them either
<TheAlabamaRambler> So build 'em, enfanta
<enfanta> More caching sites! More caching sites!
<enfanta> believe me, if I had the skills, I would
<dboggny> lets see what opencaching becomes
<Lap_away> its his ball enfanta
<BadAndy> south...eventually cachers will begin listing on multiple sites
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<Mopar> last i checked, it prob cost well over 1/4 mil a year to run a site the size of
<SilentBob> BadAndy: I think that's the way to go personally
* ClayJar steps in to bring the chat back in order. This isn't going to devolve into a holy war (or a football channel), so let's be careful around this ledge.
<Mopar> u cough up the cash, ill help set it up
<SilentBob> Mopar: you think it is that much?  I have no idea honestly.
<Beast_of_Traal> make a site
<LaPaglia> mtn-man dude!!!
<BruceS> all this is growing pains... it was not that long ago when the 10,000th cache was listed at
<BadAndy> much less than that mopar
<Mopar> the forum software is $35k a year
<southdeltan> competition is good,   several of the features on are a result of competition - but the opencaching could turn out to be very very bad - if anybody has access to a prebuilt listing system - they can list caches without any rules - like "It's ok to put them in offlimits areas" etc - which COULD lead to more problems with land managers
<Mopar> 25
<dboggny> cj, this is a good geocaching discussion, why censor it
<mtn-man> hey lap!!!
<mtn-man> your very right bruce
<SilentBob> he'd want to censor it if he didn't agree.
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<Mopar> last time jeremy posted numbers, the site was getting 30mil hits a month, price out that bandwidth
<ClayJar> Danny, don't start.  I'm not censoring it, but I am making a note that I haven't let this get into GCc vs. navi vs. blah yet, and I'm not going to let that blow up now, either.  Discussion?  Fine.  But don't let it go too far.
<BruceS> Now I do look back on those days fondly... to find alot of caches in a day you had to really plan... now it is not neccessary at all
<southdeltan> hrm... there is free forum software out there isnt there?
<enfanta> I just wish I had options, is all.
<Mopar> who pays for the bandwidth?
<enfanta> Way things are now, Jeremy sets the rules for geocaching by default
<dboggny> i havent hardly said anything!
<Mopar> and the servers
<enfanta> and who said it was his game??
<LaPaglia> you always have options enfanta
<LaPaglia> I did
<mtn-man> not true enfanta
<Bilder> Come up here, finding caches takes planning after 40 or 50 finds
<SilentBob> mtn-man: he doesn't set policy?
<Mopar> he sets policy for HIS website
<mtn-man> for his site, yes... for geocaching in general, no
<BadAndy> it isn't his game...just his website
<Bilder> I live in virgin cache territory. Only 150 caches within 150 miles
<enfanta> exactly
<enfanta> and how many websites for caching are there?
<enfanta> one, really
<ClayJar> enfanta:  Jeremy doesn't "set the rules... by default"   Nobody said it was "his game".  It's his site, and if he wasn't doing a good job, why would it be so big a site?
<Mopar> so start ur own website then
<Mopar> wasnt the 1st, btw
<BruceS> Bilder I have to plan when I am at home but that is only because I don't have many close to me anymore... but if I go on the road I have all I can do
<mtn-man> what about no locationless caches on navicache, are they also setting policy for geocaching?
<enfanta> not so much, mtn-man b/c they're not as big as
<Mopar> no moving caches on navicahe too
<southdeltan> well, until I listed my 9 caches and a friend listed his 3 - there was 1 geocache on navicache in my state and it was 180 miles away.  That was the closest one - I'd sayd they make geocaching policy in certain places.  TN has thousands of geocches I think and less than a dozen on Navicahe I think
<enfanta> it's a monoply, really
<Mopar> although they are testing a few
<mtn-man> so?
<BruceS> mm they learned from the pain suffered at on locationless
<CeNedra> who better to start a new site then expereinced cachers
<mtn-man> yeah, just ban it outright i guess
<enfanta> so I want three or four sites the size of so I can choose between them
<SilentBob> I just wish that the site would become more open.
<enfanta> but we don't have that so I'm stuck with or nothing
<Mopar> who ya think started, there was a website for caching before
<SilentBob> people have offered help but it's refused.
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<TheAlabamaRambler> I have never met or spoken with Jeremy, but as an entreprenuer with experience running a business I respect what he is doing and give him immense credit.
<enfanta> sure!
<Mopar> so enfanta, build 3-4 sites that size
<CeNedra> enfanta just wants to list a new type of multi, one of 4 legs on 4 different geosites
<SilentBob> TheAlabamaRambler: including refusing help?
<enfanta> now someone else get out there and give =him some real competition
<BadAndy> what about the International geocaching association I keep hearing about?
<CeNedra> and then confuse us
<SilentBob> *free* help?
<CeNedra> like she always does
<DonnaG> All it takes is for a "no rules" site to place caches in bad spots then caching will be banned for everyone
<dboggny> enfanta. if you want to give him real competition, list on another site as well as
<LaPaglia> this is out of control
<enfanta> trying to, danny
<Mopar> then that doesnt give any comp
<southdeltan> I agree DonnaG
<LaPaglia> CJ love you man
<SilentBob> that's not competition when the other sites are nearly ignored.
<LaPaglia> but Im out of here
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<TheAlabamaRambler> Yes, when "help" means handing over control or direction to someone / something I do not agree with - That's NOT help
<BadAndy>'s a matter of time before caching will be regulated by the land managers in any case
<Mopar> if u cross post, most people will still use
<SilentBob> Mopar: exactly
<mtn-man> Donna, im worried about other cache sites ruining areas for everyone
<SilentBob> TheAlabamaRambler: I think that they were interested in creating part of that accessed the database.
<SilentBob> make them sign an NDA and "help"
<Bilder> Every sport/game needs some rules. Imagine orienteering with no rules
<SilentBob> and be done with it.
<dboggny> mtn man, if you were so worried about that issue, why not find the happy medium on
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<Mopar> its fairly regulated by land managers now...most of the peole who want a different site dont want to have to follow those rules
<BruceS> BadAndy... it really is more about managing land manager rather than them setting arbitary policy
<mtn-man> how do you mean danny
<DonnaG> We work with lands managers and then 1 idiot ruins it
<GeoChatter> A Rolling Stones tune is running through my head...
<dboggny> well why remove verts and locationless from find counts. but kee them separated on the profile anyway. this way some people get what they want and others get what they want
<dboggny> also
<enfanta> I have to go
<dboggny> how about this idea
<mtn-man> what im afraid of is that rather than check 4 or 5 web sites each day they will just ban it all together and be done with the headached
<GeoChatter> "You can't always get what you want"
<enfanta> You can tell Lap he can come back now!
<mtn-man> headaches
<BadAndy> oh of hands how many folks ask permission from the land manager?
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<TheAlabamaRambler> me
<CeNedra> in PA we have to
<SilentBob> mtn-man: because 1 person is dictating already.
<ClayJar> <== hand
<DaRebel> <---
<BadAndy> once or twice, or as a rule?
<Beast_of_Traal> oh I thaught it was sympathy for the devil
<southdeltan> I always doo
<dboggny> why not get rid of the .1 mile rule for verts v. physical caches.
<GeoChatter> lol bot
<DonnaG> hand up
<SilentBob> mtn-man: if all the sites "banded together" what wouldn't prevent the same thing?
<true_indigo> <--- hand
<BadAndy> everyone says they do
<mtn-man> but they wont silent bob, they wont
<Ttepee> <-- hand up
<dboggny> this way. people that want to place verts can place verts even if they are lame and it doesn't close of physical caches for other people.
<SilentBob> you are assuming.
<southdeltan> I do, wether you beleive me or not
<IV_Warrior> gotta go....wife has her computer screwed up so bad she can't use it, so she's making me give her this one......
<SilentBob> greed is a powerful thing.
<mtn-man> people go to other sites because they dont want the rules... you suggesting they all have the same rules
<CeNedra> tell nic i said hi IV!
<IV_Warrior> i shudder at the thought....hopefully she won't screw this one up
<Mopar> :)
<Bilder> I dont think Jeremy is dictating anything.  I am willing to bet there is a lot of discussion behind the scenes with the mods that we dont see before a rule is created
<IV_Warrior> night all
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<GeoChatter> lol IV
<mtn-man> there is bilder
<ClayJar> Sil:  The say all the sites decide to band together is the day I will quite literally eat a printout of this log.  I wish I could take me up on that, but I fear I will not need pepper.
<dboggny> mtn man, check your pm box
<SilentBob> Bilder: so a government that isn't represented by the MAJORITY of cachers?
<BadAndy> in every case that I've contacted the land manager they didn't have a clue what caching was...most of them already had caches on the property inknown to them
<southdeltan> I don't agree that people necessarily go to the other site because they want NO rules - some want some of the to be less leniant (sic) and some want more features (opencaching seems to be based on that)
<Bilder> This is a game, not a government
<Beast_of_Traal> I f you dont want rules post you cache in the geocaching news group
<SilentBob> Bilder: but only a few (maybe) people are dictating what happens
<Mopar> and u are talking about a private website, not a country
<Bilder> There are tens of thousands of orienteers out there, who makes the rules for meets?
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<hmarq> New site != no rules ... just self governance
<TheAlabamaRambler> Well, my attitude toward virts is changing a bit - I did some this weekend with a group and we had fun, so I guess I am not completely agin 'em. But I still want some indication, so if I get a list of sites to hunt I don't get virts unless I want 'em.
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<DonnaG> Parks Ontario superintendants don't want to OK caching because they are afraid it will add to their workload - if a cacher ignores their concerns they will definately say no to caching
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<DaRebel> Dictating sounds harsh. I see it more as coming to consensus, evaluating, and making decisions.
<BadAndy> letterboxing survived many many many years without restrictions
<BruceS> southdelta... nothing against opencaching but right now really all they have is principles and ideas not much else
<Mopar> SilentBob: how would u like if we got to vote on how u decorated your house, or what book to read? it's one mans site, its his RIGHT as an american to run it the way he likes
<SilentBob> Mopar: if you helped me pay for it though?
<Beast_of_Traal> I did a bunch of virts in new orleans recently
<BadAndy> until he accepts membership fees
<hmarq> BruceS: it'll take time ... timeline is on the homepage
<botrytisfree> I can see this all coming to a point where Jeremy doesn't want to deal with it any more. 
<Mopar> even if i let u help
<BadAndy> at that point he becomes responsible to his members
<SilentBob> Mopar: say 10% of my friends gave me $30 each to help me w/the house.  I would give them some say.
<botrytisfree> Any predictions on what would happen to the website in that case?
<Mopar> even if that say was against what u eleived in?>
<Mopar> beleived
<southdeltan> I agree BruceS - but there is a big what if - and besides started with only a list of a few dozen caches I think (of course opencaching doesnt have this yet but they say that is by design)
<SilentBob> botrytisfree: pass it on to someone else (or the community at large)
<TheAlabamaRambler> You pay for telephone service - you get what services they choose to offer you. Same thing.
<BadAndy> msn will buy the thing from him
<DaRebel> Last I checked one didn't have to pitch in the bucks to cache. Just to get the fancy stuff.
<SilentBob> Mopar: majority rules.
<BadAndy> I expect that to happen anyways
<SilentBob> TheAlabamaRambler: that's what we have been taught to accept.
<BruceS> BadAndy... no.. he is responsible to his customers only to the extent that any business is responsible to his customers...
<SilentBob> BruceS: make customers happy so they continue to support you financially
<mtn-man> i think he is doing that
<BadAndy> and when he becomes unresponsive to the ones actually PAYING for all this?
* ClayJar sounds the two minute warning on the site-vs-site commentary... then we get to change topic onto CITO and some other things...
<SilentBob> mtn-man: we can't really tell unfortunately (which has been a popular argument)
<Mopar> if he makes a descicion that causes all members to stop supporting, and he goes under, thats his right too
<TheAlabamaRambler> Unresponsive? As far as I can tell he's working his butt off!
<ClayJar> (Get your final comments in now so we can switch to a less philosophical discussion.)
<botrytisfree> I owuld love to hear what anyone has done recently to promote caching in their area.
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<DonnaG> " you can make some of the people happy some of the time - the rest you'd just like to kick in the head
<botrytisfree> Just because things seem to be dying around Charlotte, NC
<hmarq> I like philosophy
<BadAndy> I don't begrudge anyones commercial enterprise
<LaPaglia> met with the USFS land managers
<BruceS> I think in general most people are happy with his responses... only a small vocal minority are not at least somewhat pleased
<TheAlabamaRambler> So, anybody found any interesting caches this week?
<LaPaglia> hte OPEN space people
<DaRebel> I heard a rumor of the possibility of bacon on Oct 25th.
<Mopar> i gree with bruce
<southdeltan> It would help if they ( would list a timeline on the main page - I feel they do a poor job publicising stuff to most geocachers (the majority of geocachers who dont read forums)
<ClayJar> (One minute warning...)
<LaPaglia> president C.A.C.H.E.
<CYBret> I have a cache placement related question if anyone's up for it   :-)
<LaPaglia> that doing enough?
<Beast_of_Traal> i did a presentation at the kiwans club a while back
<SilentBob> southdeltan: agreed.
<BruceS> go for it bret
<Beast_of_Traal> Necropilous New Orleans style
<Beast_of_Traal> the D-Day museum
* ClayJar declares the philosophical discussions over for the week so we can begin other threads, but first... Where are we all tonight?
<botrytisfree> We have placed an ad in the local "Creative Loafing" magazine
<southdeltan> It's also confusing when Jeremy posts a detailed explanation to some things on but not to when it's been asked there
<southdeltan> ack
<Beast_of_Traal> shoot
<southdeltan> sorry CJ
<BadAndy> this is a moderated chat?
<ClayJar> Baton Rouge, LA
<LaPaglia> Colorado
<southdeltan> I need a timer, hehe
<mtn-man> Hotlanta
<BruceS> I am in Naperville IL tonight
<botrytisfree> Charlotte, NC
<DonnaG> Peterborough,Ontario
<Beast_of_Traal> Baton Rouge La
<Mopar> Central NJ
<CYBret> Kansas, Illinois
<DaRebel> Locust Grove, GA
<TheAlabamaRambler> Irondale, AL
<hmarq> Oak Park, Illinois
<southdeltan> Rolling Fork, MS (1 hour north of vicksburg, 35 minutes southeast of Greenville)
<fouts> mountain View, CA
<Ttepee> hopewell Jct., NY
<SilentBob> Burnsville, MN
<BadAndy> yeah...SE Idaho here
*** Spneuz is now known as Pneumatic
<BadAndy> I think asl is next?
<Pneumatic> Richmond, CA
<CYBret> My question: Has anyone had any luck/experience working with an organization called "The Nature Conservancy?"  They manage Nature Preserves
<ClayJar> No, BA.  We're not *that* kind of chatters.  We're cachers. ;)
<southdeltan> rofl - asl?  I haven't seen that asked in ages
<Bilder> Sorry, kids drew me away
<Bilder> Anchorage AK
*** gunx has joined #geocache
<Beast_of_Traal> hi gnux
<gunx> hi bat
<fouts> CYBret: Yes. We've had very good luck with the Nature Conservancy.  We long ago dropped our Sierra Club membership in favor of the NC.
<ClayJar> I've seen billboards around here for "The Nature Conservancy", but their website didn't seem to say much of anything useful to me.
<BruceS> Bret usually the property under the Nature Conservancy is really managed by a local agency
<Ttepee> CYBret... I'm planning on approaching them soon
<mtn-man> hey marty
<fouts> hey back
<mtn-man> lap, athena says HI!
<CYBret> Ok, that's what I need to know, Bruce....don't want to contact their office in Chicago if I can get some face time with locals (who probably know me)
<DonnaG> Getting tired - night everyone
<mtn-man> see ya donna
<fouts> We prefer NC to SC, because the NC tries to find reasonable compromises rather than immediately going on attack. they've done some really great things
<LaPaglia> nite Donna
<fouts> nit donna
<mtn-man> LaPaglia... Athena says HI!!!!!!
<ClayJar> That's nice to hear, marty... I've never liked the SC's vicious streak, but working with *somebody* who cares about nature would be nice.
<BadAndy> I don't have time for those elitist attitudes
<Bilder> Yay! Football is on finally
<ClayJar> Hey, mtn-man, want to give the short overview of our CITO event over in your neck of the woods last weekend?
<SilentBob> Bilder: it's 21-0 :)
<BruceS> Bret most the the properties I have seen in IL say something about such and such organization in corportion with the nature conservacy... it is the other organization doing the management and the conservacy getting the money
<southdeltan> SB, that was mean
<fouts> My favorite nC story: in palm springs, some developer wanted to develop some wet lands that had a rare frog. SC would have sued. NC foound some land just as good for the developer, bought it, and worked a trade
<southdeltan> :p hehehe
<SilentBob> Bilder: oh, sorry.
<Bilder> ARGH!
<SilentBob> I didn't see.
<Bilder> Gonna fly down there and smack you
<southdeltan> hehe
<SilentBob> at least I would have a friend :(
<Bilder> lol
<SilentBob> no MN's out here.
<southdeltan> I was just gonna say nobody tell him
<ClayJar> Don't bother, Bilder, I'll pick you up next summer... ;)
<Beast_of_Traal> 3.123 - 4.234
<LaPaglia> way to go bob
<botrytisfree> Actually the score is 17 - 10   Now you don't know which is right
<southdeltan> the good thing is he wont know whos winning til the first team scores
<SilentBob> LaPaglia: Yeah, I'm a waste.
<fouts> is their home web site. if you care about nature and don't like litigation, please check it ouot
<BruceS> SB I am a transplanted from MN
<LaPaglia> O well
<southdeltan> so you do have a few minutes of suspense
<dboggny> wb lapaglia
*** DonnaG has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<CYBret> Good deal, Marty....sounds like this could be positive
<CYBret> Ok, Bruce...I'll head out to the woods to look for the signs  :-)
<SilentBob> BruceS: people here are difficult to make friends with.
<CYBret> I'm already there, Marty  :-)
<BadAndy>'s 21-zip
<SilentBob> BruceS: too many people blatantly ignore me.  Even in my apt. complex.  I will say hi, they will just keep walking w/o saying a word.
<SilentBob> southdeltan: about 2 minutes :)
<Bilder> Up here if you say hi to someone, they usually say howdy back
<southdeltan> I'm not a supporter of the SC, but their litigation may help prevent a COE project that's gonna further damage the environment down here.  I just wish people had common sense :(
<SilentBob> yeah, that's how it was in PA and OH.  Here, where people are supposd to be "nice", they don't :(
<fouts> i think i may have beaten kablooey in the 'dnf' category: 3000 miles, 2 weeks, 7 states, found *1* cache
<BadAndy> up here...eveyone says hello, with a smile
<BruceS> SB I lived there until I was 18 but family still lives there
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<SilentBob> BruceS: near the cities?
<BadAndy> sc and aclu are peas in a pod
<BruceS> SB no I lived north
<SilentBob> BruceS: ahh.
<BadAndy> might as well be an alfie
<SilentBob> BruceS: can you explain the alure of the "North"
<SilentBob> :)
*** botrytisfree has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<SilentBob> for me, I would be going to Hilton Head or Florida, not Lake Mille Lacs :)
<BruceS> SB no... unless you like to have your ass frozen
<SilentBob> BruceS: I meant in the summer
<BadAndy> I daho is about right
<dboggny> lapaglia!!!!!
<LaPaglia> danny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<BruceS> I lived quite aways north of Mille Lacs
<SilentBob> BruceS: ahh, that's as far north as I have been.  Only moved here last November.
<BruceS> SB then the north means bugs that all bite
<BadAndy> booger
* Stats1 no, mike wazowski
<SilentBob> well, this has died off :(
<BruceS> SB moving to Minnesota in November is like moving to Georgia in June... not wise planning
<SilentBob> BruceS: I was out of work.  I was glad.
<SilentBob> BruceS: was looking in OH for over a year (had a job for 10 months of that 1.5 years)
<TheAlabamaRambler> I wish you folks could have seen ClayJar and Mtn-Man clearing spiderwebs with their sticks in front of our group at the GGA's CITO event this weekend - it looked like we had twin props!
<Bilder> I am still bummed that I know the score
<SilentBob> applied to and had a job in a month.
<SilentBob> Bilder: I'm sorry dude, I didn't kno
<Bilder> Gonna eat my hot wings to get over it
<Beast_of_Traal> mmmmm wings
<ClayJar> Hey, TAR, I was *not* a propeller-hand!  I was a Jedi!  <lightsaber noises>
<BruceS> Bilder do you live in Anchorage?
<LaPaglia> see I can picture that
<SilentBob> I had BW3 tonight, mmmm
<SilentBob> Wild Wings, mmmm.
<LaPaglia> bob dont tease me
<LaPaglia> thats evil
<TheAlabamaRambler> Ah - right - a geocaching arachnaphobic Jedi Warrior!
<Bilder> bw3?
<BadAndy> so....I expect my extreme cache to be plundered sometime this month.  It's too close to a cave I'm told
<LaPaglia> best wings in the world
<SilentBob> Bilder: chain sports bar with great wings.
<Bilder> aj
<Bilder> er ah
<SilentBob> LaPaglia: since we are going to the Twins game tomo we are going to miss .30 wing night, so we had to get them tonight.
<Bilder> Kickoff
<SilentBob> LaPaglia: we are regular Wing nighters.
<SilentBob> Bilder: ;)
<LaPaglia> I understnad
<Bilder> My kids hate monday nights
<LaPaglia> lol
<LaPaglia> ours had burgers too
<Bilder> Only night I get the TV
<SilentBob> Bilder: I used to hate them because my gf would make me watch paradise hotel.
<Bilder> ewww
<SilentBob> how the tables have turned.
<SilentBob> :)
<TheAlabamaRambler> But where do they get all of the really fat baby chicks to get all those litle drumsticks from?
<Bilder> Fat chicks are in Idaho
<SilentBob> TheAlabamaRambler: western Minnesota.
<SilentBob> the land of chicken farms.
<southdeltan> MS - Poultry is big bizniss here too
<BruceS> Bilder I noticed that there was no shortage of them in Alaska when I live there :-)
<SilentBob> I need to camp in AK
<Bilder> That is not is blubber
<SilentBob> lol
<SilentBob> whale wings.
<mtn-man> hmmmm... i see clayjar and thealabamarambler... my weekend CITO partners...
*** DaRebel has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Bilder> You ever eat muktuk?  Whale blubber?
<BadAndy> don't be dissin Idaho
<SilentBob> Bilder: sorry, skipped that menu item.
<mtn-man> who else picked up a bunch of trash this weekend!!!!!!!!!
<Bilder> It is like very chewy sushi
<LaPaglia> I cleaned hte downstairs
<Beast_of_Traal> i'll try anything ounce
<SilentBob> mtn-man: I did a virtual two weekends ago that I picked up a ton and didn't even dent it :(
<BruceS> Bilder I never had the "pleasure" of that when I live there
<SilentBob> two trash bags full
<SilentBob> looks like I didn't do anything
<mtn-man> one of our spots was really bad too
<Bilder> I still cant bring myself to try black meat with seal oil
<Bilder> That stuff stinks
<ClayJar> Oh, get this... we picked up a ton of beer bottles, lots and lots of cans, many liquor bottles... and a lovely frosted glass bottle of...  WHITE MERLOT?!?!?
<SilentBob> ClayJar: sex in the woods?
*** DaRebel has joined #Geocache
<mtn-man> i would bet!
<mtn-man> wb DaRebel
<DaRebel> Grr. Got booted.
<Beast_of_Traal> qb derebal
<Bilder> Was that a question or an invitation Bob?
*** Pudman has joined #Geocache
<DaRebel> Thank, bot.
<SilentBob> Bilder: that's a discussion for when the discussion isn't being logged ;)
*** kevin917x has joined #Geocache
<Beast_of_Traal> hi pudman
<ClayJar> Nah, it was *right* next to a boat ramp.  I don't think there was room for extra-curricular activities... then again, it was NE GA.
<Bilder> lol
<Beast_of_Traal> hi kevin
<kevin917x> hi
<mtn-man> uh, thanks clayjar!
<TheAlabamaRambler> I don't undestand Georgians - not a PBR can to be found.
<SilentBob> mtn-man: when are you going to be back in MN?
<kevin917x> so has woodsters been in here yet?
<mtn-man> we could have left you there you know
*** cachew_nut has joined #geocache
<mtn-man> not sure silentbob
<Beast_of_Traal> hi cn
<mtn-man> i hope in the next 60 days or so
<SilentBob> TheAlabamaRambler: in OH there's a bar where I wnet to college (BGSU) that's a 64oz PBR with free mug for $4.00
<cachew_nut> hello geocachers
<mtn-man> hey cn
<southdeltan> PBR?
<hmarq> Hi CN
<DaRebel> howdy cn
<SilentBob> southdeltan: pabst blue ribbon
<Pudman> Heloo all....
<ClayJar> But, m-m, if you *had* left me there, I'd just use my abundant Meridian detail maps to find my way back.  Whatdya think, I've got a Garmin? ;P
<Pudman> hello
<Bilder> Howdy CN
<cachew_nut> hihihi
<mtn-man> haha, i should have expected that clayjar
<southdeltan> ah -  don't see much of that but I can get it - I prefer the schlitz when I go retro :)
<SilentBob> ClayJar: blah
<Beast_of_Traal> you mean people actuly drink pabst
<SilentBob> ClayJar: no intra-site fighting but intra-GPSr fighting, I see how it works!
<SilentBob> ;)
<TheAlabamaRambler> Howdy Pudman, good to see ya
<ClayJar> Hehe, mtn-man and I have a very long running gag over the Garmelan thing.
<mtn-man> hey pudman
<BadAndy> my Sportrak can beat up your gecko
<Pudman> hey rambler
<cachew_nut> Hi SilentBob
<Pudman> Hey mm
<SilentBob> evening.
<SilentBob> NICE FOUL
<TheAlabamaRambler> Gotta get a Meridian - ClayJar and the GGA guys were standing on one cache having a hoot while I did the eTrex go-round-in-circles thing.
<dboggny> god the baby finally went to sleep. it was attached to her niples for 12 hrs today. do they always do this?
<Ttepee> hehe... jealous?
<LaPaglia> at first
<Pudman> So, Mtn-Man, you gonna make it over next month for the meeting?
<mtn-man> hey alabamarambler... the garmin was the first to that cache!
<dboggny> tp, he was goign to sleep in bed with us becuase when he was away from one of us, he cried
<Bilder> Touchdown Denver
<dboggny> it was a pita
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<mtn-man> gonna try pudman
<mtn-man> i really want to make it
<TheAlabamaRambler> Yeah, but u had cache notes!
<SilentBob> mine only spins when I am within 5 feet
<Pudman> Rambler, you been cachin with them Georgia Boys?
<mtn-man> wasnt looking at them ... just looking at the arrow
<SilentBob> Rod Smith, toasted.
<cachew_nut> Hi Cybret
<mtn-man> oh yeah pudman!
*** gunx has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/20030624])
<CYBret> Hiya, Cachew
<TheAlabamaRambler> Yep - met them for their CITO event
<Pudman> cool
<Ttepee> Good Luck your first night home together :)
<SilentBob> how often do people find other GC'ers on the trail/
<mtn-man> he drove a good ways... clayjar came and drove a LONG ways
<ClayJar> Yeah, we had three GA GGA members, one LA GGA member, and one AL non-GGA visitor. :)
*** prospector has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<dboggny> tp, baby is in the crib sleeping right now. finally zonked out
<Pudman> ha ! how many bags?
<dboggny> hope it lasts
<ClayJar> Sil: Once since May 29, 2001, for me.
<BadAndy> I ran into a letterboxer once on the trail
<BruceS> I think I am going to an out of state event this weekend
<TheAlabamaRambler> Didnt know the GGA was open to out-of-staters. I will join - great group.
<SilentBob> ClayJar: ok.  people were discussing it on and I couldn't imagine meeting one.  I just thought I was weird.
<Ttepee> tommy didn't sleep through the night till about 15  months
<southdeltan> GGA member? I'm lost
<CYBret> InGeo, Bruce?
<dboggny> jesus tp.
<mtn-man> GA Geocachers Assn
<dboggny> oh shugar its crying
<BruceS> yes Bret
<Ttepee> tell me about it
<mtn-man> (the first geocaching association to form)
<Ttepee> uh oh.. shhh everyone quiet
<Beast_of_Traal> I went to an out of state event 1200 miles away
<southdeltan> ah,   i guess different state members through me
<cachew_nut> hit mtn-man really hard for me bruce:)
<CYBret> Gracie's 27 months and still doesn't sleep through the night
<southdeltan> of course, if you have the rule that you attent an event and you're member I see how out of staters get in
<ClayJar> I've been to so many meetings that I'm my own chapter.  The Louisiana Chapter of the Georgia Geocaching Association. :)
<SilentBob> Beast_of_Traal: wow
<BruceS> BOT this one is only 2500 miles or so
<CYBret> I should see you there, Bruce...looks like about a 3 hour drive for us...but hope to be there by 11
<southdeltan> My gracie has slept through the night since she was a few months old
<Ttepee> CYBret.. you should get a medal :)
<Bilder> Hot wings- helping number 2
<CYBret> She's making up for her older sister...who started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks
<ClayJar> Hehe, I've driven tens of thousands of miles to geocaching events... but that's just the organized ones.
<TheAlabamaRambler> SilentBob, I have met two, and met several who were interested in the game. I stopped at one fire station to ask permission to park and the captain and a paramedic came with me to hunt the cache.
<BruceS> Bret I think I am taking Friday off ... will do some caching along the way.. may as well take Monday off too
<CYBret> Gracie------>
<dboggny> ok just  minor fuss
<southdeltan> Hehe,  sounds tuff CY - my daughter has been doing that since that age - she's 16 months old and rarely doesnt sleep all night
<CYBret> Yeah, I thought about heading over on Friday....don't think I can do that with the kids, though
<ClayJar> You know, I think I should finally grab all my gas receipts and see exactly how far I've driven this summer.
<dboggny> oh shit
<dboggny> sorry cj
<DaRebel> CJ: Not recommended. You might cry over the missed bacon opportunities.
<SilentBob> and I was upset to put 22000 miles on my car this year :(
<LaPaglia> CJ does that on a long weekend
<ClayJar> Hehe... I put *waaaay* over that on mine, Sil... the trip from Baton Rouge -> Maine -> North Dakota -> California -> Home trip was pretty long mile-wise.
<cachew_nut> she looks scared in the picture cybret, should i call dcfs?
<BruceS> SB I put over 50,000 caching miles on mine in 2 years
<CYBret> Please do...they can have the other 2 also
<cachew_nut> :)
<LadeBear68> can i ask a travel bug question ehre
<LadeBear68> here
<ClayJar> Hehe, Bruce... You know, I think I might actually have more than that... I find that hilarious.
<LaPaglia> yes
<BruceS> yes Bear
<Beast_of_Traal> shoot
<LaPaglia> band
<LaPaglia> bang
<Bilder> Only if it will start an argument. ;)
<SilentBob> do you guys have as many caches in your immediate area as I do?  Or are you just into traveling for caching?
<TheAlabamaRambler> go LadeBear, and oh, what do you do for a living, anyway?
<LaPaglia> not funny with a typo
<dboggny> the baby is eating again. it just ate 2 hrs ago. cheese and crackers
<BruceS> CJ mine miles per cache are better.. I am more efficient
<dboggny> sorry for the word cj
<LaPaglia> danny thats the way the first few weeks are
<CYBret> I just had peanut butter crackers...I like those better
<CYBret> :-P
<cachew_nut> congrats danny
<Bilder> Kids are like men, eat and sleep is all they want in life
<dboggny> ty cn
<ClayJar> Hehe, Bruce... you may be more efficient, but I'm counting miles/cache as a positive, so there!  ;P
<LadeBear68> I am new at placing travel bugs.  Can I place a travel bug that is the same as anotehr travel bug for example I like bears so if I place a pooh travel bug do i have to work about other pooh travel bugs?
<dboggny> cn did you re plan your trip to nyc?
<LadeBear68> worry
<LaPaglia> no
<cachew_nut> not yet
*** GoaTSniFFer has joined #geocache
<DaRebel> Nope.
<LaPaglia> your has its own number
<Bilder> Bugs are traced by the number, not the name
<LadeBear68> yes
<BruceS> CJ I would prefer caches per mile rather than miles per cache... j/k... I like them spread out more really
<BadAndy> You can place any kind of travelbug you want
<TheAlabamaRambler> Not unless they start stalking you, LadeBear
*** southdeltan has left #geocache
<LadeBear68> so I don't have to worry that it looks like someone elses
<BadAndy> nope
<DaRebel> right
<LadeBear68> I like stalkers..
<LaPaglia> well try to not make it look the same
<ClayJar> Nah, Bear, I don't think anyone would mind another TB that is similar.  Your description will be unique enough.
<cachew_nut> i'd replan it but i'm sure you wouldn't want another blackout:)
<LaPaglia> there are different pooh's
<LaPaglia> classic and Disney
<LadeBear68> true
<BadAndy> then theres....poo
*** Rattlehead has quit IRC (Quit: ircN 7.26a + 7.0 for mIRC (2001/04/07 02.00))
<kevin917x> im suprised woodsters isnt here yet
<SilentBob> BadAndy: LOL
<BadAndy> Mr Hanky
<Beast_of_Traal> lol
<mtn-man> oh, clayjar, i am suppose to remind you to get a travel bug from thealabamarambler!
<BadAndy> hey...that would make a great TB
<TheAlabamaRambler> Bit late, mtn-man, but I gave him one anyway
<LaPaglia> give it a rest kevin
<mtn-man> hahaha
<mtn-man> ;-)
<kevin917x> after that post about the chat, im suprised he doesnt see it
<cachew_nut> Astros=poo
<ClayJar> HA!  Next thing you'll tell me you forgot to bring the bug to the event.
<LadeBear68> ok, next question how can I get a travel bug number away from my husband, he bought them and when I went to enter it under my name, his name comes up as the owner?
*** hmarq has quit IRC (Quit: [BX] Chester Cheeta uses BitchX. Ayeuhayueuhayueuh!)
<ClayJar> Did he activate it?
<LadeBear68> I activated it but when I did, it came up under his name
<LaPaglia> email and ask them to do it
<LaPaglia> or have hubby do it
<BadAndy> it's easy...tell you hubby to fork over the visa card and buy you 4 for yourself.....
<mtn-man> you may have been logged in under his nick accidentally
<LadeBear68> no I was under my  name, but he bought them
<mtn-man> strange
<Beast_of_Traal> that dosent mater
<mtn-man> doesnt matter who buys them really
<BadAndy> doesn't matter who buys matters who activates them
<BadAndy> well.....?
<LadeBear68> but when you activiate them it came up under his name as the person
<LadeBear68> who owned the tb
<Beast_of_Traal> i've seen caches with unactivated tags in them
<LadeBear68> I was under my name when  I activated it
<BadAndy> I grabbed a bug once that was never activated, but had an owner
<ClayJar> Well, then you should be able to get it fixed by e-mailing the admins.
<LadeBear68> I have 7 more to go and I want them in my name
<Mopar> oh, btw, anyone in the market for a cheap spare hydration bladder, walmart off brand name (fieldline) 2L wide mouth bladders(just bladder and tube e/bite valve) in the closeouts section of sporting goods for $4.50
<Beast_of_Traal> you need the activation code
<SilentBob> I haven't released my bug yet.  I fear it getting lost like everyone else's
<BadAndy> oh...wait.....I had been activated but not realeased yet
<SilentBob> people that take them and don't log it.
<cachew_nut> never heard of fieldline, any good?
<BadAndy> I have 2 feildline packs
<BadAndy> high quality camelbak knockoff
<Mopar> i dunno, looking inside, looks like it was actually made by a co called hydrotube
<ClayJar> You can either keep it as a personal bug or let it loose and see how long it'll last, but it'll almost certainly have a finite life once you let it go.
<BruceS> good night all
<mtn-man> see ya bruce
<Mopar> i fig for $4.50 i grabbed a few as spares
*** BruceS has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** mtn-man is now known as drinkinman
<BadAndy> about half the price
<SilentBob> I just don't understand why people can't log it
<drinkinman> brb
<cachew_nut> walmart on the web or your neighborhood walmart?
<Mopar> local
<BadAndy> I need to check my local walmart
<SilentBob> I sometimes wonder if doing the TBs is too difficult for some.
<TheAlabamaRambler> Pudman, how goes the geocaching?
<cachew_nut> good cache trade items mopar
<ClayJar> Sil:  The question of whether they just aren't smart enough to "get" it or whether they're just malicious is one that may not be meant to be answered.
<Mopar> hey, didnt think of that
<Mopar> ill have to grab more :)
<dboggny> i have to make my shell casing cigar cutters now that baby is here
<SilentBob> ClayJar: TOO MANY bugs are never logged after being taken that I can't imagine they are ALL malicious
<dboggny> i might just hide a humidor in the woods!
<cachew_nut> heh
<Bilder> Touchdown Denver! But you already knew that
*** geo-packrat has joined #Geocache
<ClayJar> Oh, I think it's probably about 90% non-malicious.  Of those, probably 80% is just never getting the requisite round tuit
<Pudman> Rambler: slow
<Pudman> I can't seem to find time for the weekends
<geo-packrat> hello folks
<cachew_nut> hi
<Pudman> still hitting the occasional lunch cache, tho
<GoaTSniFFer> Hey geo
<geo-packrat> anybody an "apache" wizard??
<cachew_nut> i hit 2 after work today
<dboggny> we have been so busy with the pregnancy, there was no caching. besides the last time we cached with cj, mtn man, planet and tp, it almost killed becky!
<ClayJar> As in the Apache HTTPd, g-p?
<TheAlabamaRambler> Well, Pudman, holler if you wnt to do more lunch-time caches. There are planty around.
<Pudman> yeah, I will!
<geo-packrat> Linus Redhat....yep
<cachew_nut> no more caching for danny
<cachew_nut> :)
<dboggny> no once winter is over, we will take baby
<dboggny> he has his own gc name and tb
*** drinkinman is now known as mtn-man
<Beast_of_Traal> you have one of those baby backpacks
*** Cracker has joined #geocache
<Ttepee> we definitely pushed her that day
<mtn-man> mmmmm... had to find the vermouth
<GoaTSniFFer> Boy...did I find a cache the other day!
<DaRebel> Going night caching mm?
<mtn-man> hahaha
<dboggny> what you drinking mtn man? martini
<mtn-man> no sir, i do not drink and drive
<mtn-man> yes indeed danny
<Beast_of_Traal> my idea of a dry martini is to mix it while facing france
<TheAlabamaRambler> See ya folks, it's my bedtime. Have fun.
<DaRebel> Good. Might hit a bump and spill your drink.
<dboggny> nice mtn man
<mtn-man> 3 gin, 1 vodka, a splash of vermouth
<DaRebel> night AR
<mtn-man> exactly darebel
<Pudman> nite rambler
<SilentBob> 5th black and tan for me.  10 beers, woo
<dboggny> i liked martinis once.
*** TheAlabamaRambler has quit IRC (Quit: )
<dboggny> now my stomach can only handle beer
<dboggny> got an olive?
<Beast_of_Traal> i like a dirty martini
<mtn-man> dont like olives
<GoaTSniFFer> Just pulled up looking for stage two of a multi-cache when I located a black bag
<dboggny> ok
<Cracker> I'm on my second Imperial Stout...
<dboggny> obviously yuour not a pisan.
<Beast_of_Traal> made with gin and olive juice instead of vermouth
<GoaTSniFFer> Kicked the bag...saw something flesh color
<Beast_of_Traal> mmm imperial stout
<mtn-man> no, im part cajan
<Cracker> we go again with THAT... :)
<Pudman> Oh yeah, I read about that Goat!
<Beast_of_Traal> pepertini
<GoaTSniFFer> Dildocache...yep that was it
<dboggny> my baby is a mut
<dboggny> half everything
<Cracker> I'm half pisan....cant stand tomatoes...LOVE sauce and ketchup...go figure...
<dboggny> sad cracker
<Bilder> I am the same way Cracker
<GoaTSniFFer> Had about 6 people wanting to see the picture
<cachew_nut> srontz
<cachew_nut> t
<Beast_of_Traal> you never had a homegrown tomato
<Pudman> u sniff it, Goat?
<SilentBob> Beast_of_Traal: nothing like a tomato sandwich
<Pudman> hahahaha
<SilentBob> from home growns.
<cachew_nut> i hate mustard gas but love mustard on hot dogs, go figure
<Pudman> lol
<Cracker> pics Goat?
<GoaTSniFFer> I sniff goats...what kind of weirdo you think I am??? LOL
<dboggny> i love tomato sandwiches with a bit o salt on them
<SilentBob> spicy brown, saurkraut, red onions from Sabrett, and dirty water dogs
<SilentBob> yumm
<Beast_of_Traal> ketchup on a hotdog should be a sin
<SilentBob> GoaTSniFFer: don't troll
<Bilder> Tomatoes are the spawn of satan
<SilentBob> Beast_of_Traal: EXACTLY
<kevin917x> if you people where near me you could have all the tomatoes you want, i have 55 plants this year, and had 125 last yr
<Bilder> Same with strawberries and oranges
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<SilentBob> Bilder: you are a sick man
<CYBret> Gotta do hot dogs Chicago style
<dboggny> tp we finally got to try planets strawberry jam. it was SO GOOD@
<dboggny> !
<Beast_of_Traal> chicago dog are good
<ClayJar> Here's a question...  do any of you eat berries or such that you find while out caching in the woods?
<Bilder> I do
<kevin917x> i do
<CYBret> Yup
<dboggny> sometimes, when i am sure what they are
<LaPaglia> so is her blueberry/strawerry
<Beast_of_Traal> gota have to sport peper on it
<SilentBob> ClayJar: if I know for sure what it is, yes.
<CYBret> I eated the purple berries!
<cachew_nut> ya
<LaPaglia> Hi Lep
<Pudman> blackberries
<BadAndy> almost always Clayjar
<Beast_of_Traal> black berries
<CYBret> They taste like ......burning
<Bilder> Blueberries, cranberries, crowberries, nettle tea
<Ttepee> danny...we cracked it the night of the blackout... both jars were finished within 48 hours.. tom loved it.. me too but he was eating it by the spoonful I think
<kevin917x> some are poisonous, i tend to leave them alone
<cachew_nut> raspberries and gooseberries
<dboggny> its very sweet
<LaPaglia> Kevin you should try them all
<Ttepee> I loved the strawberry and blueberry one
<SilentBob> CYBret: classic
<Pudman> mulberries
<dboggny> but we had it with peanut butter now that becky can eat sugar again
<Cracker> saty away from red berries
<Ttepee> not as sweet as some though
<Cracker> stay
<kevin917x> ill make you some jelly lap and send it to you
<LaPaglia> ok deal
<CYBret> I was beginning to wonder if anyone watched the Simpsons, Bob  :-)
<Mopar> mmm, strawberry
<cachew_nut> well you need to know what berry is good and which are poisonous, if unsure than dont eat them
<LaPaglia> Ive got some dried mushrooms Ill sand you
<SilentBob> CYBret: I just got Family Guy season 3 DVD
*** GoaTSniFFer has quit IRC (Quit: Don't you hate it when the toliet paper rips?)
<CYBret> Awww man
<SilentBob> LaPaglia: got any in honey?  ;)
<CYBret> Family Guy comes on in 8 minutes...I'll be gone for a while  :-)
<dboggny> brb
<Bilder> Ok, I am now at th part where it is 21-0
<Beast_of_Traal> don't eat these
<LaPaglia> yes but that jar says windowpane
<cachew_nut> use fine grit lapaglia
<ClayJar> The ones that look like blackberries are good, eh, c_n?
<Bilder> Worst thing about berry picking up here is that you ahve to watch for bears
<kevin917x> lol
<ClayJar> Yeah, you want to be *eating* the berries, not *feeding* the bearys.
<Bilder> I have been on the oppisite side of a bush with a big ol black bear and did not realize it
<BadAndy> I've been chased off more than 1 berrypatch by a bear
<cachew_nut> if it looks like something you ate before, its probably ok
<cachew_nut> unless it was poisonous the first time you ate it
<kevin917x> i wouldnt want to eat something i had eaten before,
<SilentBob> I was geocaching two weekends ago and heard some sort of snorting about 50 yards from me.
<SilentBob> I didn't want to find out what that snorting was
<Beast_of_Traal> my cat dose that
<cachew_nut> i used to do that in college
<SilentBob> this was a large cat.
<cachew_nut> where sb?
<BadAndy> deer and elk snort quite loud
<Bilder> Was probably some couple getting it on in the brush
*** botrytisfree has joined #Geocache
<SilentBob> cachew_nut: off of a equistrian trail in the middle of a prairie.
<ClayJar> Do they make things like pepper spray paintballs?  That would be something worth investigating for long solo hikes.
*** Cracker has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<cachew_nut> what area silentbob?
<Ttepee> I live about an hour from NYC and I had a bobcat in my backyard a couple of weeks ago
<Bilder> Bear spray has a 30 foot range
<SilentBob> cachew_nut: Minnesota.
<cachew_nut> ah
<BadAndy> pepperspray chance of something like that hurtin anyone....
<SilentBob> it didn't stop snorting until I was WELL out of range of sight.
<cachew_nut> didnt know there were cats up that way
<Bilder> if I eat another hot wing I am gonna puke
<BadAndy> heh
<DaRebel> Time for me to catch some Zs. Till next time! (Go ahead and take another sip, MM.)
<kevin917x> i have had bobcats walk up to me while hunting, its not fun to have that happen
<DaRebel> C ya!
<ClayJar> Bilder:  You don't happen to know of a recommended bear-style pepper spray, eh?
<SilentBob> cachew_nut: I don't know if it was a cat.  I thought someone said "my cat does that", I just said it was a large cat then :)
<BadAndy> Go! Go! Go!  one more wing!
<Beast_of_Traal> I think riot police carry somthing like that
<cachew_nut> oh, maybe a moose then?
<Bilder> Got an REI near you CJ?
<SilentBob> ClayJar: one that shoots far
<ClayJar> Atlanta or Houston, Bilder, I think.  (None in Louisiana.)
<Ttepee> night DaRebel :)
<SilentBob> cause if you need to use it, you better have one that has some distance ;)
*** DaRebel has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** somebody has joined #Geocache
<kevin917x> a .44 mag would work better than spray, it shoots farther too
<Pudman> amen
<ClayJar> I don't care as much about distance as I do about repellency, and I figure Bilder would have a good idea.
<Bilder> Brands dont matter much, just get one with at least 15% capsasin in it. The police stuff is only 5-10%
<Beast_of_Traal> you better hit it in the first shot
<cachew_nut> i'm still messing with the fine tuning on my phaser, i may never get it to market:(
<ClayJar> 15% capsaicin, 35% DEET... repel the bears and any ticks on them.
*** Cracker has joined #geocache
<SilentBob> ClayJar: lol
<cachew_nut> recracker
<CYBret> bbiab...time to rock kids
<Beast_of_Traal> wb cracker
<Cracker> :)
<Cracker> had blue screen of death...:(
<Beast_of_Traal> the BSD sucks
<SilentBob> Beast_of_Traal: BSD is fine.  BSoD is not ;)
<ClayJar> What do you get when you overdose on DEET?
<SilentBob> ClayJar: cancer.
<ClayJar> Nervous ticks, of course.
<Beast_of_Traal> your right
<Cracker> ooo...ya...I could prolly actually use a couple last ones are permanently attached to one of mytrucks...
<kevin917x> you can OD on Deet?
<cachew_nut> intraveneously you can
<kevin917x> oh
<Beast_of_Traal> you can od on anything
* ClayJar figures now would be a good time to close the official chat for this week... otherwise his bad pun beating will be on the record. [End Log 88] #Geocache